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Smart. Creative. Nice.

Brigit Communications Collective believes that a lot can be accomplished through communications. We are creative problem-solvers with a knack for helping you "find your voice", and we like to listen to the chatter. We have a passion for design and color. We love awesome office supplies.

We’re a collective of creative individuals who are inspired by smart, thoughtful work. And besides being talented, we’re nice people.


What we do

To keep you headed where you want to go, we can consult on your communications goals, hone strategy and shape your current activities.


We can help you complete that project — the one you might not have the time to get to, or the internal resources to tackle. We can provide the seasoned expertise you can trust to get the job done.


We like to make things and build things. We've created brands, products, and pencils. If you have that great idea you want to get off the ground, we can help.


Contact Us

Call 503.709.9406 or email

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We no longer take cold call referrals for projects. If we know you, we'll work with you.

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