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The art of the experience

A call-to-action tells your audience what you want them to do. And whether you are a small business, nonprofit or corporate giant, everyone is vying with your brand for that audience engagement. It's pursued and measured and fine-tuned. You watch the marketing stats -- open rates, likes, retweets -- and of course the monetization of interactions.

But what are you doing to creatively engage your customers with your brand? What are they getting from your brand experience? How does that engagement elevate the relevance of your product, program or service? Or create a loyalty that's hard to beat?

We're taking note of some fun ways businesses are including customer interaction in their plans -- creating a memory, surprising customers and making them smile, making a hashtag significant, being part of the art. It's ideas like these that can set your brand apart and help your audience share their experience -- igniting your call to action.

What are some of your favorite artful engagements?

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