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Mama said: How to improve your Mother's Day customer experience


Those sunlit bedrooms with fluffy white comforters and jumping kiddos bringing breakfast-in-bed. The handsome Dad follows with a special little blue box filled with a new jewel. Cards, flowers, massages, every kiss beginning with K.

Mom's expectations for Mother's Day should be pretty high, right?

Well, a recent independent study conducted by the research team here at Brigit shows that only about 30% of mothers surveyed said they're actually looking forward to Mother's Day. Flat out 25% responded "no." That leaves 45% in the "sorta" column -- which means we have a good opportunity to improve the Mother's Day "customer" experience!

As with any plan to improve customer experience, it's always best to listen first. What does the customer expect? What are they looking for? What makes them satisfied? Then ask yourself, how does that fit with what you have to offer? Are you delivering the right message to your customer?

Mothers in the study were asked - in an open-ended question - what they really wanted for Mother's Day:

  • 60% of the respondents said they would like time with their kids and families (in-laws were not mentioned) and some form of acknowledgment (cards, thank-yous, hugs) from kids and partners -- this did not include any expectation of breakfast-in-bed, new iPads, or commemorative jewelry.

  • 40% of respondents asked for time off or help with chores around the house. Remember, these Mamas are busy!

Now that we've heard from the customer, improving the Mother's Day experience seems pretty simple -- time, love, and respect -- getting right to the heart of the Mother.

But don't forget the flowers. We're pretty sure she'll like them.

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