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Look good, feel good - the best way to launch a brand

We recently completed an identity and marketing project for Anne DuBois Pilates, and we love the outcome!

Anne is so dedicated to her craft and definitely walks the walk and talks the talk. Trained at master studio of Romana Kryzanowska, the heir to Joseph Pilates' legacy, Anne teaches pure Romana's Pilates, which is pretty rare in the Portland market. In fact, there are only three Romana's Pilates instructors in the city. As a recent New York City transplant, Anne needed help building her business and marketing herself. And that is where Team Brigit stepped in.

We developed the Anne DuBois Pilates brand reflecting Anne's love of Emilio Pucci, and the Pacific Northwest's sea and earth colors. The movement in the graphics show flexibility and poise, the font shows strength and classic style. We created basic outreach tools and a website – – to help Anne establish her business, and will be working on her targeted marketing and social media plans as well.

It feels so good to help small businesses launch and grow. More to come.

If you are interested in checking out Romana's Pilates, give Anne a call at 212-781-7181. She is serious business and will have you looking poised and feeling strong and flexible in no time. Tell her we sent you.

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