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Go and See This Show, Portland (A Special Offer)

We started working with Third Rail Repertory Theatre just as their 2016/17 season opened. Third Rail produces a quality theater experience: thought-provoking, gritty, intimate and impactful performances. Think Steppenwolf, but right in our own backyard. It's not your Broadway musical kinda place. This is the type of theater you learn about in your first drama class in high school, but only the most gifted thespians get to be part of. The good news is we all get to experience the fruits of their labor and be entertained and challenged.

Third Rail recently opened The Nether by Jennifer Haley. And we need to tell you: GO AND SEE THIS SHOW. The performances are riveting, the set design is amazing, the writing is sharp - all adding up to an intense production. There are deep questions of identity, crime, morality, censorship and technology posed by taking you through some very dark places in the not-so-faraway future. Be sure to stay for the "talkback" discussion after most shows. You won't be disappointed.

This season Third Rail is sharing the Imago Theatre space at 8th and E. Burnside. That means you have easy access from wherever you are in Portland, and great dinner-beforehand (at Nong's Kao Man Gai, Le Pigeon, Coopers, Sizzle Pie, etc.) or drinks-after (Doug Fir, Noble Rot, Rontoms, etc.) options.

And, if you use the discount code BOGO NETHER when you buy your tickets online, in person, or by calling the Box Office at 503-235-1101, you'll get a free ticket with the purchase of a ticket (so, you get to take your date for free to see how great Third Rail is and hopefully come back for the next show). They also have great student prices and last-minute ticket deals (we do need to caveat this by saying this show is intended for mature audiences).

Dive into Portland's dynamic art scene. You'll support a small business, dedicated artists, and the vibrancy that our city depends on.

The Nether-Third Rail Repertory Theatre

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