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Setting the tone

We worked with designer Rene Choy to create a series of images to help set the tone for Third Rail Repertory Theatre's production (and American Premiere) of James Graham's The Angry Brigade. Based on true events and set in 1970s London, the show tells the story of both anarchists and the Establishment in a world struggling through turbulent and changing times. We wanted the artwork to show that balance and collision of tradition and new ideas, with a little bit of humor (hence, the symbolism of the teacup with the machine gun peeking out over the edge).

We have to admit, our inspiration came from attending the "first read" where the fabulous directors, designers, cast and dramaturgs walked through the show and how it will look and feel. It's a dynamic show from start to finish.

The Angry Brigade opens this weekend, and runs March 24 - April 15. We know you will enjoy it — and if you enter BRIGADE at checkout, you'll save $10 off each ticket.

(Thanks to Portland's art tax, organizations like Third Rail can fulfill its mission to provide a dynamic artistic home for theatre audiences here. #pdxlovesart!)

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