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Connecting the neighborhood

Portland is a city of vibrant, historic and ever-changing neighborhoods. It's hard to choose a favorite -- and each have their own special coffeeshop, corner bar or brewpub, and most likely a few places to eat (with a James Beard Award-winning chef inside). Many of our neighborhoods are also challenged with issues around development, homelessness and crime – and just the general need to engage with neighbors (hence, the success of and our love/hate relationship with sites like Nextdoor).

When we got the opportunity to re-do the Laurelhurst Neighborhood Association website we jumped at it – seeing a great opportunity to create a site that would be easy for neighborhood volunteers to update, as well as giving it a fresh new look. Plus, with the neighborhood's history (a likely historic district campaign is on the horizon) and magnificent park we'd have a lot to work with.

Manda chose colors reflective of the neighborhood's icons and landmarks – the tan stone arches, gold Joan of Arc statue, red brick churches, multi-colored tree-lined streets, homes, and of course Laurelhurst Park with the blue-green pond in the center – and created whimsical graphics to balance the old with the new.

Not having a photo budget, we relied on personal collections and set the main photos to a black and white filter not only provide a clean, modern feel, but also to create a cohesive look among the images.

We love the outcome! A simple, easy-to-update solution that will grow with the neighborhood and provide a platform for the neighborhood association to inform, engage, and continue to develop a sense of pride in the community.

Check out the site

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