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Smart. Creative. Nice. And thankful.

Yesterday I received two thank you notes. On the same day! I stopped for a moment and thought about how good those life and work connections feel, and how important it is to stop -- even in the middle of a summer heatwave -- to thank the people who have helped you along the way.

We've been going about our business at Brigit Communications Collective (a.k.a Team Brigit) for over a year now. We've dipped our toes into so many different types of projects -- a homeless youth nonprofit, a local wine shop, healthcare, professional theater, neighborhood associations, a pet sitting start-up, a logistics company, an energy assistance fund, utilities, and yes, even a cannabis-related project. We've gotten to collaborate and make connections with some great communicators. And, we even opened a online shop. So, we wanted to make sure we said "thank you".

Thank you. Your support, whether over email, social media, a cup of coffee, purchasing pencils, hiring us for project or sending us referrals is truly appreciated. Keep 'em coming!

Here's to greater connections and inspiring communications.

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