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It's not too late!

We've been so busy our blog posts and emails have gotten a little behind (know any good communicators?), and now it is the final weekend of Third Rail Repertory Theatre's production of The Events, written by David Greig with music composed by John Browne.

BUT even with just a few shows left we encourage you to check out this production, directed by Scott Yarbrough and featuring two of Portland's finest actors Maureen Porter and Joe Gibson. We're sure you will find it intense, cathartic and timely. A beautiful element to this show is incorporation of local choirs (taking the role of a Greek chorus) who change every performance and sing both traditional hymns (like “How Great Thou Art”) and pop numbers (like Dizzee Rascal’s “Bonkers”). We're looking forward to seeing it again on Friday night.

As usual, Third Rail is offering some amazing "all-in, all-impact" theatre experiences this season. And you can still pick up a three-show subscription just in time for this weekend.

Support the arts! Support Portland arts! And support Third Rail. It's never too late.

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