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Team Brigit

Jennifer Moffatt, Creative Thinker + Communications Strategist + Nice Person

Jennifer Moffatt
Creative Thinker + Communications Strategist + Nice Person


Jennifer is a dedicated communicator, respected team leader and collaborative culture-builder with a passion for problem solving. She looks for ways to improve programs, processes, and the product to deliver meaningful messaging and quality end results that resonate with customers, employees and stakeholders.

With 20+ years of communications expertise, Jennifer has developed and managed regional and national brands in the consumer goods and regulated utility worlds. She has created local outreach campaigns as well as behavior change campaigns, with positive results and longevity. She also bakes a mean chocolate cake and has a knack for pulling off parties.


Jen is currently Senior Director of Communications at Cascadia Behavioral Healthcare. View Jen's LinkedIn profile.

Nancy Puglia

Nancy Puglia
Content Marketing Strategist + Nice Person


Nancy thinks up and writes down words that people read. Then reply, tap, heart or share. Super strategic, quick and inquisitive, she loves working with clients and colleagues to find just right thing to say.


Nancy’s professional path has taken her coast to coast through marketing, advertising, and public relations agencies, as well as corporations large and small. Off the path, if it’s music or movies, she’s a fan.


View her LinkedIn profile.

Partners & Collaborators 

Creative Thinkers + Nice People

Janice Jack
Media Maven + Nice Person


If your project requires paid media planning and buying, we will get Janice on the line to take care of it. Janice is skilled at thinking outside the box, and making the deal work for you. One of the best planner/buyers/nice people in the market, Janice has worked on top brands throughout the region and is quick to see opportunities for clients.


View LinkedIn profile.



Manda Borealis
Designer + Illustrator + Nice Person


With over a decade of experience in design and illustration, Manda has worked with both large corporations and lean start-ups. She manages projects from strategy and IA all the way through to development and support. She’s schooled in electronic mass communications, trained in brand development, and is fascinated by the culture-changing power of design.


View LinkedIn profile. Check out more of her work at MANDA BOREALIS.



Rene Choy
Designer + Illustrator + Nice Person


We met Rene through our work with Third Rail Rep and we needed more of Rene's skillz on our team. She is fast, and really good. She's juggling the world of young kids, work and life, and laughed when we asked for a profile shot and bio. No time for that! She's busy getting stuff done.


Someday you can view her LinkedIn profile. Check out more of her work at Chickhaus Studio.



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